What is Otoplasty?

The ear is a complex structure of skin, cartilage, and muscles. People can be born with deformities of the ear. Deformities can also develop after piercing, injury, or surgery.

Otoplasty is a surgery performed to restore form and function to the ear. It is performed under local anesthesia to correct deformities, minimize defects, and reduce scars. Ear reconstruction and reshaping are commonly performed to correct defects caused by removing skin cancers, stretching due to earrings, or earlobe rips.

What are the benefits of ear reshaping or repair (otoplasty)?

The earlobe is small, yet it can greatly impact your appearance. A misshapen or deformed earlobe can cause some people to feel self-conscious about their appearance. Otoplasty can help re-create the natural shape of the outer ear, which will bring balance and proportion to the face.

Before and after:

What can you expect?

Before any procedure, you will consult with our facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons. The surgeon will listen to you, perform a thorough evaluation, and provide an individualized treatment plan to address your needs and concerns.

The surgery is performed in the clinic under local anesthesia. After the surgery, you may have bandages on your ears. If there are bandages, your doctor will tell you how long to keep the bandages on. If there are no bandages, you should clean and apply Vaseline to the surgery area (earlobe) daily.

All procedures carry some risk. However, complications from ear reshaping are less likely when performed by trained facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons. The most common complications include possible infection, bruising, and changes in sensation. While your surgeon will do all they can to ensure your ears are symmetrical and natural looking, this is not always possible in all cases.

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