IPL Photorejuvenation treats a wide range of skin conditions

Why Choose IPL Treatment?

Our advanced IPL system offers incredible results with less downtime due to the non-ablative nature of the treatment.

How does IPL work?

IPL uses light energy to target brown spots and red blood vessels or stimulate collagen and elastic tissue in the skin. It can improve skin tone, texture, and pigmentation.


What to expect during IPL

The treatment area of the skin is cleansed, and a thin coat of gel is applied before the IPL device is applied. The treatment typically takes 10 – 30 minutes to perform, depending on the size of the treatment area. After treatment, the skin will be cleaned off again. A cold compress may be applied to the area, and moisturizer and sunscreen may be applied.

How Many Treatments Are Needed and How Often?

It is common for patients to have anywhere from 2-4 IPL treatments, although this depends on the area of the skin you are treating and what is being treated. For example, treating age or sunspots may require fewer treatments than treating rosacea. Sessions should be done roughly 4 weeks apart to give the skin time to heal between treatments.

Typically, patients begin seeing results just one week after treatment, with optimal results showing upon completion of the series.

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