What are Solar Lentigines? (Age Spots or Liver Spots)

Solar lentigines are common, non-cancerous areas of darkened skin. They are sometimes called “age spots” or “liver spots.” They can be brown or black and may be slightly raised.

Solar lentigines are caused by long-term sun exposure. They are prevalent in people over 40 who live in sunny climates and are more common in fair-skinned people.

Solar lentigines are frequently found on sun-exposed areas of the face, shoulders, upper chest, arms, and hands. They are associated with tanning beds and can occur after radiation treatments. Some genetic conditions can be related to lentigines.


How is solar lentigo diagnosed?

A dermatologist’s exam is frequently all that is needed. The solar lentigo can be biopsied or removed if there is a concern.

What are the treatment options for solar lentigines?

  • Sunscreen
  • Hydroquinone bleaching cream
  • Retinoids
  • Liquid nitrogen
  • Chemical peel
  • Pigment lasers

What can you expect?

Before any procedure, you will have a consultation with our expert cosmetic dermatologists. The physician will listen to you, perform a thorough evaluation, and provide an individualized treatment plan to address your needs and concerns.

Solar lentigines can be treated with minimal downtime and excellent results. Depending on the treatment, 2-3 treatments may be required. Most patients can resume normal activities the next day. Insurance companies will not pay for this treatment because solar lentigines are benign (non-cancerous) growths. There is an out-of-pocket cost associated with the treatment of solar lentigines that is not covered by insurance.

Is the treatment of solar lentigo safe?

All procedures carry some risk. However, complications from solar lentigine treatment procedures are uncommon when performed by board-certified cosmetic dermatologists.

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