What is Dysport?

Dysport is an FDA-approved neuromodulator for treating dynamic wrinkles such as forehead lines, frown lines (11s), and crow’s feet. Dynamic wrinkles are lines caused by muscle movement, such as raising your forehead or smiling.

Dysport Injections

Dysport temporarily inhibits muscle movement, which prevents wrinkles from forming.

What is Dysport used for?

  • Erase fine lines and wrinkles.
    • Forehead Lines
    • Frown Lines (11s, between your eyebrows)
    • Crow’s Feet (lines around your eyes)
  • Refreshed appearance in just 1 week
  • Minimally invasive with no downtime or recovery

We want you to leave our office looking like yourself with beautiful natural enhancements.

Dysport Results

Dysport can offer you impressive results in just one week. You will notice your forehead lines, frown lines, and crow’s feet significantly fade, and some will even see these lines disappear. Results depend on the extent of your wrinkles and the strength of your muscles. Sometimes, multiple treatments are needed to achieve a significant improvement. Treatment results typically last 3.5 months; some patients still notice benefits at 6 months.

Customizing Dysport treatments for our Patients:

At St. Louis Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery, our expert cosmetic dermatologists use Dysport to give you a natural, refreshed appearance.

During your consultation, we will listen to you, perform a thorough evaluation, and provide an individualized treatment plan to address your needs and concerns.

What else do we use Dysport for?

Facial Contouring

Do you use makeup for contouring? At St. Louis Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery, we use Dysport. These treatments can enhance the appearance of your cheekbones by narrowing the soft tissue below to create a more contoured look. We inject your masseter muscle to help sculpt your lower face and accentuate your cheeks.

Brow Lift

Want an eyebrow lift without surgery? We use Dysport to give you a non-surgical eyebrow lift for a more refreshed look. We relax the muscles, pulling your eyebrows down and giving your eyebrows a natural lift.

Nefertiti Lift

The Nefertiti Lift was named after Queen Nefertiti, an Egyptian Pharaoh revered for her beauty and power. We use Dysport to relax the muscles pulling down on your jawline and the muscles that cause neck bands. This produces a lifting and tightening of the jawline and a toned and smooth neck without surgery.

TMJ, Teeth Grinding, or Jaw Pain

If you have TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder), grind your teeth at night, or wake up with jaw pain, you might notice a significant improvement with Dysport. Your masseter muscles, which help you chew, may be overactivated and enlarged. We use Dysport to help these muscles relax. This helps improve your TMJ, teeth grinding, or jaw pain. Patients are amazed at the results this treatment provides.

Gummy Smile

Do your gums show when you smile? Dysport can relax the overactive muscles pulling up on your lip. When these muscles are relaxed, only your teeth will show when you smile. We are not dentists, but we all love a beautiful smile!

Golf Ball Chin

When you contract your chin, does it look like a golf ball? We can help you with golf ball chin by relaxing your chin (mentalis) muscles using Dysport. This will provide you with a beautiful, smooth chin.

Is Dysport safe?

Yes, Dysport is one of the most common aesthetic procedures performed, with more than 1 million people having received injections.

Complications from Dysport are uncommon when performed by board-certified cosmetic dermatologists.

The most common side effects:

  • Bruising at the injection site
    • Temporary eyelid droop (ptosis)
    • Headache

Dysport vs. Botox

Dysport and Botox are both neuromodulators that are FDA-approved for treating fine lines and wrinkles of the forehead, glabella (frown lines), and eyes (Crow’s feet). Each product works similarly to inhibit muscle movement, improving wrinkles’ appearance. Overall, these two products are very similar, and neither has been shown to produce superior results. At St. Louis Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery, we offer both neuromodulators.

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